Organization structure

Department ofEngineering


Within the teaching process, which is its principal activity, the Department of Engineering contributes to bachelor, master’s and doctoral study programmes with a specialisation in the design of surface structures – engineering and the theory of the design of load-bearing constructions, backed up by technical disciplines in construction physics and technical systems in buildings, giving due consideration to energy-efficient construction and the performance and economics of construction.
A newly accredited bachelor study programme has been implemented progressively at the Faculty of Architecture since 2012, and a master’s study programme re-accredited in parallel. The aim of these new programmes was to modify study subjects so as to optimise them to assure standard and relevant knowledge while reducing the number of hours. Changes are currently being made at the Department of Engineering on the basis of physical verification of the set programme reflecting the necessary corrections to the reduced study programme.
The existential justification of the Department of Engineering at the Faculty of Architecture is grounded in the necessity of managing its engineering specialisation which is an essential component in the process of educating architects with an emphasis on its practical impact in the form of specific realisation. This approach may contribute towards marginalising impersonal technical abstruseness. In this spirit, and with this goal in mind, the Department of Engineering is attempting to fulfil its mission in the sense of fulfilling the unity of creative work and the technicist aspects of construction.