Organization structure

Department ofDrawing


The concept of teaching at the Department of Drawing should be based on the overall conception of the study plan for two-level studies (BSP, MSP) at the Faculty of Architecture. The Department of Drawing is one of the departments at the faculty that contributes to training architects and it can, for this reason, be seen only in the context of the other departments at the faculty. The primary aim of teaching at the department should be to support the individuality of its students in accordance with the ideas of contemporary teaching practice. Art training and its methodology, which lead to the shaping of ideas essential to architectural work, are seen to be an extremely important part of the study process. Artistic disciplines promote creativity, invention and the ability to perceive the essence of space, material and form in architectural work. They help develop everything that is individual within the framework of teaching and develop the feeling for harmony and talent of the architects of the future. A programme for individual study years at the Department of Drawing should be drawn up on the basis of these considerations and the experience that the perceived spatial actuality can be best expressed by drawing, painting and modelling techniques as well as digital design. This gives students time to recognise the subject they are studying through artistic disciplines. The results attained help students judge their own capabilities applicable for study in architecture studios. The teaching of individual artistic subjects is backed up by annotations and must be guaranteed by the internal teaching staff at the Department of Drawing.